New song “Claws” from the future album “Vultures” by the stoner rock band  1000Mods


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"The Devil Rides Out" (1968)


"The Devil Rides Out" (1968)

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Lowrider is a Swedish stoner rock band, formed in the mid-1990s by bassist/singer Peder Bergstrand and lead guitarist/singer Ole Hellquist, along with guitarist Niclas Stalfors and drummer Andreas Eriksson.

Lowrider released the Nebula/Lowrider Double EP in 1999 together with ambassadors of psychedelic stoner rock, Nebula, who had just come into existence after their members departed from Fu Manchu. The EP was released in time for the beginning of Lowrider’s European tour in 2000, when they played fourteen venues in eight different countries, co-headlining with Dozer and once with Spiritual Beggars.

Their debut album Ode to Io was released the same year and unleashed a controversy regarding their musical influences. Opinion in the media was divided, as although they gained critical praise from some (hailed as “Sweden’s answer to all that is rocky, funky, gritty and downright rock n’ roll." by Critical Metal), others dismissed them, with the ever-influential Kerrang! awarding them the “Most Convincing Kyuss Clones Award

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